Electric is now.

Seamlessly make the switch to an Audi e-tron. Get the practicality of an all-electric vehicle with the innovative design and engineering of an Audi.

Range confident.

We've integrated future-driven charging technology with a sophisticated battery to offer range to suit your drive.

Engaging performance that only an Audi can offer wouldn’t be complete without a suite of distinct e-tron features and technology that elevate your driving experience.
Audi e-tron vehicles are designed without compromise. This ideology extends to how you charge—both at home and on the road.
Audi e-tron vehicles are continuously tested to enhance performance, refine technology, and incorporate new elements in design in e-mobility. Our engineers assess performance in extreme heat and winter temperatures—from the Abu Dhabi desert to the Arctic Circle.

Within your range.

Consider, on average, how much you drive daily to best estimate how much range you'll realistically get from your Audi EV. Keep in mind that you can charge at home every night using a Level 2 charger*, so your Audi e-tron vehicle can be fully charged and ready to drive every day.

*L2 charger not included and requires extra installation and wiring costs. Please see Owner's Manual for installation and other charging information.
Ways to save with e-tron.

Home Charging Credit.

Get your home ready for your Audi e-tron. Install the required electrical infrastructure specific to Level 2 charging in your home, and from now until March 1, 2023, you may be eligible to receive up to $1,500 credit towards your installation.*

*Terms and conditions apply. Contact Audi Durham for details.
A sustainable choice.

Audi e-tron vehicles help reduce emissions, but there are other ways that our EVs can help the environment.

Audi is the first car manufacturer to be awarded the Chain of Custody certificate of the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI), which certifies that we use manufacturing materials more sustainably.
Audi is committed to offering even more electric vehicles and being 100% carbon-neutral by 2025. We are dedicated to changing the way we engineer our vehicles and how you drive them.
Our Electric Inventory
For owners

Hands-on e-tron tutorials.

Whether you're looking to connect to your e-tron via the myAudi app or learn more about the innovative technology within your e-tron, you'll find answers via Audi tutorial videos.

7,000 charging stations across Canada. Find one near you.

Access the PlugShare map to locate all available EV public charging stations in your area.
Charging 101.

Living electric. Making the switch to an electric vehicle from a gas-powered vehicle requires a shift in the way you think about driving - most importantly, understanding how electric works.

Buzz words for EV life.

kW (kilowatts)

Charging power is measured using kilowatts (kW), generally the higher the number the faster the charging will be. The vehicle's onboard charger will dictate how many kilowatts can be used for charging.

kWh (kilowatt hours)

Battery capacity is like a conventional gas tank, but is measured in kWh or kilowatt hours versus litres.

Charge time

Charging times are generally referring to a full charge. The level of charging will be based on the maximum power output of the charging site, battery temperature, and state of charge required for the battery.
Next level power. Audi e-tron and PHEV vehicles can accept various charging levels depending on where you charge, battery temperature, and how much charge is required.

View levels video >

myAudi. With the myAudi app, control your e-tron conveniently from your smartphone. Check the status of your vehicle and remaining charging time, find charging stations, and more.

Charging at home vs. on the road.

Ready to charge on day one. 

Audi e-tron models come standard with the Audi Portable Charger. This is one way to charge your e-tron, however, for connectivity capability and longer cable lengths, consider a permanent home charging station.

Learn more about the Portable Charger 

Install a permanent home charger. 

A permanent charger can be connected to home WiFi and applicable apps and devices. It can even be set up to charge when electricity rates are less. For Audi owners interested in home unit purchase and installation, we offer the expertise of our professional partners—Electrify Canada and RocketEV.

Audi Home Charging Credit. 

Get your home ready for your Audi e-tron. Install all required electrical infrastructure specific to Level 2 charging in your home, and from now until March 1, 2023, you may be eligible to receive up to $1,500 credit towards your installation.* 

*Terms and conditions apply. Contact us for details.

Public charging.
There are many public charging stations that make up a network, and they typically belong to the same operator to be used with a single account. Some networks, however, have interoperability agreements, which means an account on one network may also be used to charge (and pay) at another network. 

Lightning-fast charging. 
Faster than your average trip to the grocery store, your battery can charge from 0%–80% in as little as 30 minutes when connected at a public charging station.* Most public charging stations offer DC fast charging.
*Estimated charging times are provided as a reference only. Actual charging times will vary based on battery state of charge, driving behaviour, battery condition, current, resistance, and ambient temperature, available voltage and charging frequency. 

Paying at public stations. 
In most cases, payment is required to charge at a public site. Payment methods vary, including: credit card, network RFID charge card, mobile app, or phone. Not every site offers every payment method, so contact the network operator to find out which payment methods are accepted. Charging fees differ between sites.

Optimum temperature, optimized battery.

While temperature has an effect on range, Audi EVs are engineered to prevent this, including a heat pump that helps warm the battery; a trip timer to help your vehicle warm or cool down the battery before trips; and thermal management of each battery cell to help maintain an optimal temperature.


EV lifestyle-even in snow.
Audi electric vehicles excel in most driving conditions*-from the harshest Canadian winters in NL to the rains in BC. All e-tron vehicles come standard with our electric quattro all-wheel drive system, which helps ensure optimal handling in all weather conditions.

Charge whenever.
The charging capsule is designed to withstand the wear and tear caused by various weather conditions, so you can charge whether it's raining or snowing.

Proven battery technology.

Durable. Long-lasting.

Engineered for durability, safety, and driving dynamics, the Audi e-tron battery is covered by an 8-year/160,000 km* limited warranty for added peace of mind.

Tested for excellence.

Audi e-tron batteries go through rigorous testing. Batteries feature independent cells that can be replaced by an Audi Certified EV technician, rather than replacing the entire battery, which helps ensure cost savings.

Thermal management. 

Audi batteries are designed to be efficient in nearly any temperature using our thermal management technology. You can pre-condition the battery-as well as the cabin-to be at the ideal operating temperature. European model shown. Durable. Long-lasting. Engineered for durability, safety, and driving dynamics, the Audi e-tron battery is covered by an 8-year/160,000 km* limited warranty for added peace of mind.

e-tron Technology
Audi performance. EV power.
Experience high performance, forward-thinking design, and reliable utility when you drive an Audi e-tron vehicle.

High performance.

Instant torque.
The rush of acceleration is instantaneous at all speeds with instant torque. Get maximum torque from a standstill and launch into the next exciting drive.

Dual motors.
Never sacrificing what makes an Audi an Audi, the electric motors help ensure superior driving dynamics and an exhilarating ride. Motors on each axle help optimally adjust to the variation between efficiency and dynamics in any driving mode.

e-torque vectoring.
Get enviable stability and handling in nearly any driving situation. The highly adaptable, electric all-wheel drive system intuitively powers each axle individually, making for exceptional traction-regardless of road conditions.

Dual-speed transmission.
Unique to the e-tron GT is its high-power, dual-speed transmission, which delivers raw performance with efficiency. Get more intelligent performance when accelerating.

Standard on every Audi e-tron, quattro all-wheel drive on e-tron models is elevated to a new level. quattro instantly switches between rear-wheel drive to all-wheel drive in specific driving situations-offering additional grip before it's needed, and efficiency when it's not.
Range of possibilities.
With so many variables affecting range, there are several things you can do to help maximize it when driving your e-tron.


To help increase range, modulate your speed by simply using the accelerator pedal and regenerative braking, which can be adjusted with the steering wheel shift paddles. At the lowest level, the vehicle coasts-offering a more conventional driving experience. At the highest level, "one-pedal" driving helps slow the vehicle and maximize regeneration energy back to the battery.

More ways to maximize.

To maximize range, you can do a few things, including: activate range mode from the MMI system, or use regenerative braking/three-stage coasting energy recuperation on the steering wheel paddles. In addition, consider reducing air conditioning use or pre-condition the battery while it's still connected to the charger.

Stay connected to your e-tron.
Each e-tron comes with a host of innovative technology solutions that enhance the way you drive.
myAudi app.
With the myAudi app, control your e-tron conveniently from your smartphone. Check the status of your vehicle, find charging stations, check your vehicle's remaining charging time and performance, set the climate control, and more.

Audi Route planner.
Knowing where you need to plug in is crucial for long journeys. Fortunately, the on-board navigation system looks ahead for charging stations along your route and within your current range.

Range prognosis.
Within the Audi virtual cockpit on the Audi e-tron is the range prognosis feature, which takes your battery charge level and an energy consumption forecast to estimate how far you can go over time.*
*Estimated range is provided. Actual range will vary based on several factors, including battery and vehicle condition, vehicle load weight, terrain and external temperatures and conditions.

MMI touch response system.
Audi e-tron vehicles feature the MMI touch response system, which helps you organize and arrange your content and functions the way you want.

Audi Smartphone interface.
Connect to all of your apps hands-free while you're on-the-go with the Audi Smartphone interface.* Get the most from your vehicle while on the road.
*Please do not drive distracted. 

Audi connect.
Take advantage of fully integrated and seamless assistance tools, including intelligent navigation, remote vehicle services, car finder, and roadside assistance. Experience peace of mind with security features, including emergency call and stolen vehicle locator.

e-tron FAQs.
Get answers to the most common EV questions.