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It's important that you're well informed after you purchase an Audi. Whether it's damage to your Audi, or get struck with a critical illness during your lease payments, we have a variety of plans and programs to assist you.

Vehicle Loss Privilege Program

Vehicle Loss Privilege Program (VLPP) assists with the purchase of a replacement vehicle in the event of a vehicle loss. VLPP provides an in-store loyalty credit that can be redeemed at your dealer. Whether you finance, lease, or pay cash for your vehicle, with VLPP, getting into a replacement vehicle just got easier.

Lease Excess Wear Waiver

Don't let excess vehicle wear such as upholstery damage, bumper scrapes or small dents create additional charges at lease end. Purchasing an Audi After Care Lease Excess Wear Waiver of up to $10,000, backed by Audi Finance, covers these potential costs.

Appearance Protection

Appearance Protection is the best choice to maintain your Audi's new-car finish and value. From parking lot door dings to potholes and more, get coverage on your new, Certified Pre-Owned or used Audi for up to 250,000 kilometres, throughout Canada and the continental U.S.

Loan Protection

Loan Protection is a life, critical illness, loss of employment, and disability benefits plan that protects your financial commitments when needed most. Fully insured by The Co-operators, one of Canada's most distinguished insurers, Loan Protection offers valuable coverage at competitive rates.

Mechanical Breakdown Protection

Audi vehicles are known for premium quality, but even vehicles of the highest caliber may require repairs. Audi After Care Mechanical Breakdown Protection offers four exceptional protection plan levels to best suit your needs (Lease Plan, Sterling Plan, Gold Plan, and Platinum Plan).

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