Audi Brake Service

Why get your brakes done at Audi Durham?

We get it. You can get your brakes installed cheaper, but at what cost?

Did you know Audi Durham offers a discounted hourly labour rate for brakes, tires, and oil changes?

  • Audi uses electronic parking brakes. If the caliper isn't retracted back using an appropriate scan tool, the brake caliper can suffer permanent damage. (A new caliper costs $800 plus installation).
  • Brake caliper bolts are one-time use. Failure to replace and properly torque bolts can cause them to come out which could cause serious damage or worse.
  • Our technicians have been trained by Audi and only work on Audi's. We know our cars inside and out.
  • We don't use cheap quality chemicals and lubricants.
  • Like any service or repair at Audi Durham, we top up all fluids including windshield washer fluid, provide courtesy shuttle and loaner vehicle* services, and a complimentary car wash!

Genuine Audi parts vs Aftermarket

Audi has performed extensive research to come up with the perfect brake pad material composition for your specific model. Aftermarket brake pads are categorized by the material; semi-metallic, ceramic, carbon-ceramic, etc. Choosing too soft of a brake pad could lead to overheating; too hard and the brake rotors wear pre-maturely. Audi also uses electronic brake pad wear indicators. Did you know not all aftermarket brake pads come with the sensors built-in? Not installing new sensors will cause the low brake pad light to always stay on.

All Audi Genuine parts include a 2 year/unlimited Kms warranty (for manufacture defects) on parts and labour when installed by Audi Durham.


Signs of worn-out brakes

  • Low brake pad light comes on - Avg. 15% brake pad material remaining.
  • Pulsating when slowing down from highway speeds - Brake rotors are warped. Common when vehicle is not driven daily, or only driven short distances.
  • Brake rotors show rust lines - Brake pads are not making full contact.
  • Brake rotors have a blue tint or dark spots - Overheated.

When you service your vehicle at Audi Durham, you can trust our technicians have the critical knowledge, training, and specific skills to ensure your Audi gets the attention and expertise it deserves.

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